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A life coach, or life skills coach, as they’re occasionally called, is basically a personal trainer for your life. As the name connotes, these personal coaches work with persons to better assorted areas of their lives.

Depending on your circumstances and how you decide to work with your coach, they can take on a number of roles. These may include motivation coach, personal development coach, executive coach, small business or career coach, or relationship coach.

Read further for some details on what to look for in a life coach.


The Life Coach


Finding the right people who will guide you to success in every

aspect in life!




Basically, your coach is there to inspire and motivate you to do better, in a particular way. Commonly, you choose the areas that you want to work on (objectives), and your coach works with you to arrange change.


Are You Ready For A Life Coach


A lot of coaches will offer a free coaching session from time to time so that you are able to get a feel for how they set about things. This allows you to not only give their services a trial run coaching session to see if you are ready for it, but likewise to try out the

individual coach and see if you “get” their style or not.

There are examples like Tony Robbins who offers a program that you are able to do at home on your own. Make sure you understand, however that working with a coach over the phone or in person has a level of accountability to it. When you take a course that requires you to work on your own, you’ll have to make sure that you follow through on yourown.

However, I am offering a new, less expensive model that allows you to communicate with me via email so that you still get the personal touch without the high cost of traditional coaching. You get the same materials and the same hypnosis sessions as needed, but without the expense of the regular coaching model.

Bear in mind that most individuals who purchase books and courses of this nature either never take the course, or never act on it! Do not be one of those individuals! Action will set you apart from the bunchevery time!

A few folks who have been successfully coached wind up pursuing a career as a coach themselves. If this fascinates you, you may want to have a look at a system for developing a coaching career. So, who knows? If you like being coached, you might love coaching as well!

So, if you’re in need of a change, or prepared for a change… or if changes have happened to you that you did not expect… get a life coach! The biggest, most highly respected and highest paid athletes in the world have coaches, why shouldn’t you?


Who can be served by the services of a life coach?

1. Those that recognize that they can be and do much more.

2. Those ready to make a huge change in their lives, or who have

just made a huge change and need help coping.

3. Those who want to better their jobs, their businesses, or their


4. Those who have sustained a loss, such as divorce or a failed


5. Anybody wanting to shed old, ineffective habits in favor of new

more effective ones.

  1. In brief, anybody wanting to improve!


While a few coaches have specialties, and they all have their own style, they typically work with all types of individuals on several fronts. One word of caution, though… you must be ready for this.

Your coach will challenge you to do things that you usually may not do. Why else would you pay them? After all, if you could do it yourself, you wouldn’t need a coach!


[to be continued next time]

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Many people are in a constant tug of war with their weight. They don’t like their weight, so they go on a crash or a fad diet. They lose some pounds, but don’t enjoy their diet. In fact, most people hate their diets.

So, after a short time they give up on the diet, and soon discover that they have not only gained all of the weight back, but have actually added some extra pounds.

This is where hypnosis can help you lose weight and keep it off.

First, though, we must realize that in order to lose weight and keep it off, you will need to make a lifestyle change. There is something about your present lifestyle that has put on the pounds. To try and lose weight without permanently changing your lifestyle just won’t work. You have to get into a new and healthy lifestyle that you not only can live with, but which you will enjoy. That way you will lose the weight and keep it off.

When you are at a restaurant, what kinds of foods do you pick? Do you pick the leanest, healthiest foods on the menu, or do you go for the greasy, heavy foods?

Is your idea of exercise changing the channel on the TV with a remote?

These and many more issues are covered in a short series of hypnosis sessions I offer that not only help you to lose weight, but to modify your lifestyle in such a way that it stays off.

As I have mentioned elsewhere on this website, the average client needs between 1-6 hypnosis sessions to change their behavior so that they can meet their goals. With weight loss clients, it usually takes a minimum of 3 sessions to begin addressing all the issues that need to be addressed.

To give an example, one lifestyle change would have you eating small, frequent, healthy meals 5 times per day instead of just 3 times, which helps to prevent hunger so that you don’t snack. These meals consist of lean, healthy foods, low in carbohydrates and rich in vitamins and protein. Yet, there is still room for a little treat every now and then.

Hypnosis can also train you to eat slowly, and to completely chew your food. Your body takes about 20 minutes to realize you have eaten enough, so if you eat too fast like most people do today, then you have over eaten before you even realize it.

By eating slower, savoring every bite as you chew it thoroughly, you may still have food on your plate when your stomach says it is full. You are taught that this is OK. Leaving food on your plate or taking a doggie bag home from the restaurant are much better than over eating.

Another factor is exercise. You need to get the right amount of exercise if you are going to lose weight and keep it off. We have a hypnosis session just to address this issue too.

As you progress through my hypnotic weight loss sessions, you will find that your lifestyle changes. And with this change will come a positive new self image. You will be walking proud, your body will be trim and fit, and you will find that your energy and vitality levels have also increased. It will take some time, but a good weight loss hypnosis program gives you the extra push you need to get the body you have always wanted, while feeling full of energy and life.

You will find that you enjoy life again, and will have a lot more confidence and self esteem. Contact me today so that we can get started on your hypnotic weight loss program today.

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Have you ever wondered how many sticks or packs of cigarettes you smoke everyday? Chances are, you don’t even think about it anymore but as numerous cases have shown, it has a way of catching up with you because you could die either of heart disease or lung cancer. Is it too late? No because someone with hypnosis training can help you quit smoking.

Can hypnosis really help? The answer is yes because what keeps us going in this habit is in our subconscious. If you want to change something, you have to make it happen here because this is what controls our actions and thoughts.

Specialists with hypnosis training can do that because they are the only ones that can go deep into your subconscious. As they are doing their share of the work, you have to do yours as well and that is by admitting to yourself you have a problem and you want to stop.

If you really want to stop, now is the time to contact me so that we can schedule your first hypnosis session to address this issue now.

Each session begins with you being told to sit in a chair or lie down on a sofa or the floor. You will then be told to relax, to forget about everything that is happening around you and focus all your attention on my voice.

Once I see that you are ready, this is the time I will say a certain keyword so that you will quit smoking. These words are said repeatedly throughout the session until the session ends.

For more details about hypnosis, see my page on Hypnosis Facts for an overview of what to expect.

Will you quit smoking after the first session?  Some people do, but on the average it can take up to 6 sessions for you to quit smoking for good because nicotine is the most addictive substance known to man.  Smoking is also part of your lifestyle, so you will need to make changes to that as well.  But, as time goes on you will suddenly gain the will power to stop smoking through the power of your subconscious mind.

The keywords or hypnotic suggestion that I refer to is the backbone of hypnosis. What keyword will be used varies per person, which is why I have a pre talk with you and have you fill out my registration form.  I can then zero in on the best way to help you quit smoking.

Many people have quit smoking thanks to hypnosis, and there is a 90% chance that this can also work for you. You just have to do your share and follow the instructions given.

Naturally, you want to work with someone who has experience in this matter so that it will be worth the investment.  I have been helping people stop smoking for many years now, with a very high rate of success.

The best method is to have in person sessions.  I also offer pre-recorded and phone or skype sessions, but if you are close enough to me, the in person sessions work best.

Hypnosis training can help you quit smoking. You just have to be open to the power of hypnotic suggestion because this is the most important aspect of this technique.

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Hypnosis for children is starting to get attention nowadays since it is showing results in helping children deal with problems, illnesses and other conditions.  Hypnosis is getting recognized as a treatment.  It is even getting attention from pediatricians, who are not even using this practice or method

Some benefits of hypnotherapy would include treatment of anxiety, fears and phobias, reducing pain and stress, self confidence building, alleviating depression, addressing loss of weight, putting stop into smoking and even enhance performance whether in athletics or academics.

Hypnosis makes use of deep relaxation.  Deep relaxation enables the mind to be more receptive to changes since the mind opens up during this time. This period of deep relaxation is neither a condition of sleeping nor of being awake.

It is induced by a person skilful in therapy and hypnosis.   The mind is awake during this time, unlike what myths say, that the mind during this period is completely unconscious.

Unlike what most people and doubters say that a hypnotized person is unable to control their own actions, children and adults have full command of their own actions while under hypnosis.  Receptivity is important.  You cannot hypnotize a person who does not want to be hypnotized.

This is the same for hypnotism for children.  Even if the parents want to have their children undergo hypnotherapy, it is important to make sure that the children understand this process and are able to get their full attention and cooperation.  Although the mind is open during the period of hypnosis, the subconscious would still not accept the suggestion if it conflicts with the person’s values and beliefs.

Since hypnotherapy invokes deep relaxation, it is said to reduce blood pressure, stress, anxiety, and pain.  It could even change habits like smoking, alcohol consumption and eating too much.

Hypnosis can even be used in eliminating phobias. It can help in reducing predetermined nausea and vomiting brought on by treatment for cancer or pregnancy. It is important to remember that children or people who have mental illnesses should not undergo hypnotism, except under the care of a psychiatrist.

Hypnotherapy for children can resolve problems like bedwetting in children or teenagers.  It can also reduce nightmares and night terrors.  It also addresses fear or phobia of animals or even school.  It also helps children who are having difficulties at school and with behavioral problems.

Results show that children who took hypnotherapy are more confident, they have an increased self-esteem, reduced stress, tension and anxiety.  Children are also able to get rid any of their negative emotions which affect their school performance or social interaction.

Being a good parent does not only mean that we should provide the physical and material needs of our children.  Giving them emotional and mental support and providing the best possible future to our children is our responsibility.

Hypnotherapy is an alternative medication.  And alternative medicine is being used by almost 40 percent of Americans nowadays.  Alternative medication can render very successful results, sometimes much better than taking prescribed drugs and medicines.

Hypnotherapy or hypnosis for children is an option which you can try to help your children face their problems.  There are people testifying to its phenomenal results, but also there are critics saying that there is not enough evidences showing significant results.  But surely, something drug-free, calming and enjoyable is something worthwhile to be used for both children and adults.

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People feel depressed every now and then. If this affects your ability to work or do anything, then you really have a problem. In fact, this happens to one in six Americans. Fortunately, there is a way to feel good again and this can only happen if you talk with someone who has had hypnosis training.

But before we explain what hypnosis can do for you, we have to understand how grave depression can be. By definition, it is a state of being that lasts for long periods of time,  and, as a result, affects your body, mood and thoughts.

This is much different than feeling bad from losing a game or not getting what you want because it could be caused by something worse such as the loss of a loved one. Although there are anti-depressants available to treat it, people have to deal with the side effects so taking drugs is not always the solution.

Specialists who have had hypnosis training can help people suffering from depression by going into their subconscious and then making things right. Before they can do that, the specialist has to figure out why he or she feels that way and then helps resolve the problem.

The session usually begins with the specialist instructing the patient to sit or lie down and telling them to relax. Once they are in a trance like state, the specialist will now use hypnotic suggestion to alleviate the depression.

Hypnotic suggestion is basically a keyword that is implanted into the patient’s subconscious. If the word used is not effective, this is rephrased until the right one is found and then repeated several times.

Most patients will not feel any different after just one hypnosis session. This is why they are told to come back for a few more. Although you pay for the sessions by the hour, the advantage of going through it is that there are no side effects unlike what happens when you take conventional medication.

We have discussed for the most part, what a specialist can do for someone who is depressed. What people should understand though is that the patient who needs help has to do some of the work as well.

While therapy can change what you think subconsciously, you have to set goals for yourself so that you now have a new reason to live.

You do not have to set big goals at first, but once these have been accomplished, you can set for bigger ones in the future.  Achieving your goals one at a time like this will instill in you a pattern of success.

Patients who can take hold of their lives after hypnosis sessions will one day be back to their normal selves. If they don’t do that, then all that time and effort at the clinic will be for nothing.

The hard part for people feeling depressed is admitting to themselves they have a problem and that they need help. This is where friends come in because without them, they could continue going down this path and they could end up doing something harmful to other people or even themselves.

Years ago, people did not know how to deal with depression. Since then, we have found ways to treat this and other problems with the help of a specialist with hypnosis training that can do a lot for people suffering from this anxiety disorder.

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Ever had a goal in life? A lot of us do and this is what keeps us going every single day. While most of us put in the hours to make that happen, it wouldn’t hurt to get a boost from someone who has had hypnosis training.

People with hypnosis training can help you achieve your goals because studies have shown there is a link between your subconscious and conscious mind. Most of the time, our thoughts and actions are controlled by our subconscious so if you work on this, the rest will follow suit.

To make this happen, the hypnotist has to get you into the zone. Once you are in a trance like state, the hypnotist will now use a keyword or other method inserted directly into  your subconscious so you can achieve your goal no matter how big or small it may be.

Hypnotherapists who are able to help patients achieve their dreams will have a lot of clients. These will include ordinary people like yourself and athletes as well.

But will the help provided by the hypnotist guarantee that you will achieve your goal? No because the hypnotist is merely a tool and it is your effort that will determine whether or not you make it happen. If you want to ace an exam, you have to study. If you want to win in an event, naturally you have to practice.

So if you think about it, there is no magic pill around that will help you achieve your goal. You must be prepared both mentally and physically to get the results you want.

There is no doubt that you can achieve almost anything with the help of someone with hypnosis training. Aside from helping you achieve your goals, they can also help people suffering from anxiety disorders, addictions and low self-esteem. The common denominator with all of these is the fact that these are all psychological in origin.

This means that these are all in the mind and if you want to do something about it, you need someone to go deep into your subconscious so the proper changes can be made. This can only happen, of course, if you know someone who has had hypnosis training.

If you don’t want to have personal hypnosis sessions, there is another option. You can buy a CD or download a recording from the web that focuses on goal setting, or whatever problem you want to solve. I have several such generic sessions available for purchase at a reasonable price, but bear in mind that personal sessions are generally more effective, and having someone to help you with your progress that you see regularly has been proven to be a better, more effective method.

Whatever your choice, send me an email or call me to discuss your situation and I will be glad to help you.

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We know for a fact that hypnosis can help certain problems and one example happens to be social anxiety. With a little help from a hypnotist that will perform individual hypnosis, you will be able to interact with people which you were unable to do in the past.

But interacting with others is just one of the levels of social anxiety. Some individuals have a problem speaking in public while others are not able to do anything with others around.

Hypnosis could be the answer to your problems.  This is good, because if nothing is done about it, things could get worse.

These problems could also lead you into depression or cause you to start taking drugs to escape them.

But how does individual hypnosis help?  By addressing the subconscious issues which create such fears.  After several sessions, people usually begin noticing a difference for the better.

Understanding the different stages of hypnosis can help you to understand this process better.

The first stage is known as preparation because the hypnotist and the patient have never met before and this will be their first encounter. Because the patient is thinking of undergoing hypnosis, he or she has already made the first move to get better and the only thing to do now is for the specialist to probe deeper.

This is done by asking the patient exactly what is their problem and determining if that person is susceptible to hypnosis. If they are, it is time to proceed to the second stage known as induction.

During induction, the patient will be told either to sit down comfortably on a chair or lie down on a sofa. Once he or she is relaxed, the patient must now block everything out and only focus their attention towards the hypnotist.

When the hypnotist feels the patient is comfortable, it is time to move on to the third stage,  known as the deepening. Here, the hypnotist will find out what events caused the social anxiety disorder, because it is only by understanding this and confronting or acknowledging it that  hypnotic suggestions work in making the patient reach their desired goal.

The hypnotic suggestion will be imparted to the patient in the fourth stage known as circulation.

Naturally, the session has to end which goes to the fifth stage called termination. Here, the patient will be brought back to reality by counting numbers, simply being told to open their eyes or by following an authoritative command like “open your eyes.”

The results of the hypnosis will only be seen when the situation presents itself. Since you won’t see the improvement overnight, patients will have to come back and have a few more sessions.

Individual hypnosis is just one of the many alternatives now available to cure social anxiety. You have to remember that not everyone who tries this will have the same result which is why if this doesn’t work, they have to be open to other options such as social cognitive restructuring, social skills training, symptoms management skills and supportive therapy that will require the help of family and friends.

You don’t lose anything by trying individual hypnosis. To succeed, you just have to be open to the idea of what this technique can accomplish.

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I am a hypnotherapist and life coach. I have a very high success rate. While I am not accepting new clients at the moment for in person care, I have an in home option that is just as good because I can coach and / or hypnotize you right in the comfort of your own home. Please inquire about this new method.

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