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We offer pre-recorded generic sessions to help you with whatever issues you may be having. Also, some of the pre-recorded sessions offer other products such as e-books, etc., bundled with the session for slightly more.

We can also customize a recording for you with binaural beats and/or subliminal messages to increase the effectiveness of the session. Once we have several recordings on this page, we will then begin to offer these additional options in generic form, but at the moment if you want to take advantage of these options you will need to order a custom recording. Please see our Services page for more details on customized recordings. Prices on customized recordings vary depending on what you want included. Send us an email with what you want using the address at our contacts page.

As our free gift to you, simply right click on this link to download the free e-book Hypnotherapy Health that will explain to you just what hypnotherapy can do for you to benefit your health.

Generic Recordings +Bonus Packages

Stop Smoking. This is our most popular hypnosis session, and it works great to help you kick the habit. Includes a helpful e-book to help you kick the habit. Please follow this link to order with credit card, click here. For other payment options, please email us. $39.95

Stop Smoking Super Pack! This is the best deal yet! You get over $160.00+ in product value for the low price of $59.95! In this package you get 2 full hypnosis sessions, a subliminal /NLP recording called Love Your Physical Self, plus the Quit Smoking e-book above plus another great e-book called Bad Habit Liberator. These products will help you kick the habit forever! Just click on this link to order and immediately download this amazing package!

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