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Coaching has always been a part of what I do. When I consult with a client about the positive changes he or she wants in their lives, I take in the information and customize a hypnotic session for them to address these issues.

I also use NLP and other modalities in consulting with clients before and after as well as between sessions.

Life coaching is a natural outgrowth of hypnosis, as it allows us to remain in touch with you, the client, in helping you to achieve your goals in life. The benefits of coaching sessions include having someone to bounce your ideas off of, give suggestions, help unearth your own answers to your problems, and many more issues.

Coaching also puts a positive influence on you to succeed in attaining your goals and life changes.

All of the topics that are appropriate for hypnosis are also appropriate for coaching, whether it be addictions, weight loss, health and wellness, self improvement, success motivation, business and career success, and others.

A good life coach takes you on a journey of self discovery to unearth your issues and address them in a positive way to make the changes you want in your life. When combined with periodic hypnosis sessions, you literally reprogram your subconscious mind in the way that you want your life to go, and the coaching sessions help you to gauge your progress, discuss issues that arise, and devise and implement strategies for improvement.

When you purchase a coaching package, you also can use some of your prepaid sessions for needed hypnotic sessions. I thus provide you with the flexibility and power to grow that your average life coach lacks.

Unlike the hypnosis sessions, which you pay for on an as needed basis, the coaching modality requires consistency over a period of time. I offer two levels of service, the Basic Level, which is 3 one hour sessions per month, or approximately once every 10 days, or the Advanced Level, which is 4 sessions per month, or one per week.

Sessions are conducted either in person over the phone, or through Skype. This also applies to hypnosis sessions.

I also offer discounts if you order sessions for 2 or 3 months in advance.

Included with your coaching package will be e-books and other resource material for you to study on your own. I have lots of material to assist you in reaching your goals, and, if needed, I will provide you with a new package each month until we agree that you are making the progress we agreed upon.

Please ask us about our rates. We do not publish them on the web as we offer a variety of packages, prices, and special deals. We take credit card and other electronic payments through Payza, ACH from US bank accounts, ACH in Australia and New Zealand, cash deposits in various in various countries, as well as electronic payments and cash deposits in Costa Rica.

Please email us at our contact email address for full details.

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